Are Escort services Legal in the UK?

The UK has contradicting reports on the legality of sex. While prostitution is legal, many activities that surround it are illegal. For instance, if a woman decides to work as a sex worker, then it is legal, but if together with another woman, they start and manage a brothel, they are arrested. In short, the exchange of sexual services for money is legal, but other activities such as kerb crawling, pandering, or pimping is a crime.

Escort services, on the other hand, is different from prostitution. It’s more of companionship, and the escort does not primarily offer sex. Escorts are legal in the UK. Every adult in London deserves their pay, whether they are an electrician, a plumber, or a professional escort. Therefore, if you want to invite a beautiful escort to a party or your bedroom, then it’s legal, and they are allowed to take your money for their services. Therefore booking, arranging to meet an escort, and spending time with them is legal in London. Also, an escort agency is licensed as its operations do not cross the legal lines.

What is legal?

Sleeping with your escort is legal, and you are allowed to have sex with them unless it’s in public. It’s legal to pay someone for their time as long as the money is not primarily for sex. You can also do other fetish duties with your escort as long as you don’t touch or expose each other’s private parts.

What is not legal?

It is legal to spend time with an escort and even sleep with them. What is illegal is paying some money for sexual acts such as oral sex, naked cuddling, or favors. For starters, agreeing to these is committing a crime.

In case you are arrested for online prostitution in central London or other locations, find an experienced lawyer to help you know your rights and the lines you did not cross. Meanwhile, there are many London escorts in popular escort agencies who you can book.