Pregnancy and laser

I am in my 3 months pregnancy and after my doctor visit I decided to do something with the marks on my belly that keeps on showing it. As my stomach goes bigger and bigger so are the pregnancy marks  and I do not want to remain with them after the birth. How can I achieve that?

Well the narcissist in me was like , you should go directly to a laser clinic and have them done as soon as possible. But of course, the mother in me, stopped me to do this stupid thing, because as you may know, when you are pregnant you are not allowed to use laser in no form whatsoever. 

I am familiar with laser as I did home hair removal on my pubic area and I am so happy I did it. I’ve done it for 2 years, with pause between every two months and now I can proudly say I do not need waxing anymore. Also 2 years ago I did a facial laser for keeping my skin young and clean. Again, with great results so you can imagine why I am such a big fan of lasers. 

I am 100% sure that after I give birth I will come back to these laser procedures, but until then I’ll take a break. So for my pregnancy marks I will continue in using special creams that are designed for eliminating the marks. I’ve heard that is one which is very good for that and not so expensive, so definitely I’ll give it a go. Other than that, I must keep myself calm and enjoy all the months I’ll have before getting birth. As everyone says, this is one of the best period in a woman’s life so I’ll enjoy it as much as possible and try not to focus so much on appearance. Hopefully I’ll not gain so much weight in the next months so all will be ok.